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What to do when dealing with debt collectors

Don’t be afraid when a debt collector comes knocking at your door. If you can’t swing a large payout at the moment, don’t push yourself. Try to insist on a payment term that won’t hurt your budget nor affect other vital expenses that you intend to settle. Whatever your reason is, a debt collector’s main goal is to make you pay right away, if possible. Speak in a professional manner and with confidence, even if the pressure may seem too much to handle. Stay firm with your decisions and start out by offering a minimum percentage of your total debts. Remember, you can work your way out and seal a good deal, if you know how to bargain properly.

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How to Apply for a Business Loan If You Have Bad Credit

Do you want to open a business but don’t have the necessary capital? Do you need extra funds for expansion or repairs? You can get the necessary funds by applying for a business loan. If you have bad credit though you have to decide if you really need a loan because you don’t want to end up in bankruptcy.

You can apply for business loans even if you have poor credit, but lenders and banks will give you higher interest rates. It is therefore important to assess the current status of your business before securing a business loan, so as not to further damage your credit. Other alternatives are also available in case your loan application is denied. You can ask financial assistance from friends or relatives because they will not look into your credit status but rather on your business concepts and ability to pay them responsibly.
Business Loan

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Business expansion can be problem free through credit monitoring

The proper management of business credit ensures that a business owner has adequate knowledge of his business and protection over his assets. In the event of frauds and identity theft, credit monitoring alerts the credit holder about the risks they can encounter in the long run. Whether it is a paid credit monitoring service or you just want to request for a copy of your business credit report, what matters is that you can detect inaccuracies and unnecessary transactions in your profile.

In addition, owners planning for an expansion of their business should know how to manage the credit of their business. Their business credit standing will be the determinant for loan applications, so if their report shows a damaged reputation, they can get denied. With credit monitoring, this risk is minimized.
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Know the secret tricks of id thieves & prevent yourself

Identity theft is a widespread crime against consumers, one that leads to loss of funds, damaged credit, and financial instability. This crime occurs when someone steals identifying information from you, such as your driver’s license, passport, Social Security card, green card, or similar document. This information can be stolen from you while going on with your daily activities, such as shopping at a grocery store with your wallet, paying your bills online, or throwing out your garbage. It is important to be aware of how id thieves can access your information, so that you can protect yourself from becoming a potential victim.
id thieves
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Smart Parenting: Safeguard Your Kid’s Credit

Safeguarding your children against identity theft is one way to keep their credit and financial future secure. If thieves succeed in taking your child’s information, they can easily access your information as well.
It is easier for thieves to use children as their victims because they are still unconcerned about financial matters. It is therefore your responsibility as a parent to teach your child how to keep his information secure.
kids credit

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What is phishing? And how does it happen?

You don’t need to be a victim of an email scam. By being able to tell whether an email is authentic or a phishing portal, you will be able to run away from a phishing scam even as scammers attempt to catch you unaware. Don’t let your guard down: arm yourself with the knowledge on how to tell which emails are phishing scam portals, and which are legitimate. Arm yourself with what to do when you become an ID theft victim, as well. This way, ID thieves will never get the better of you.

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How to avoid credit scams that may happen due to lost credit card

Since credit cards have become such necessities nowadays, it is safe to assume that people try to protect them as much as they can. Aside from being valuable items – since they actually enable you to pay for things as an alternative to cash, credit cards contain more than credit. They are a key to your identity. A stolen or lost credit card that falls in the hands of swindlers may affect your financial records badly. How can people protect themselves from credit card frauds once their cards have already been lost or stolen?
lost credit card

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