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How Annual Credit Report Monitoring Saves Your From Years’ Worth of Headache

credit card fraud

“Identity theft on the rise” is a constant headline nowadays. Seeing and reading about it everywhere only makes it clear how prevalent it has become and what a big issue it is today. Before, people were only concerned with managing their charging habits wisely and making sure they don’t go beyond their payment financial capacities to pay their debts. Continue reading →

What You Need to Know About Credit Protection


Having a credit card is more of a good thing than bad. It does not only allow us to buy the things we want even without cash, it also proves to be great help during emergencies.

However, it nonetheless poses great risks associated with information security. Today, it can be very difficult to transact using a credit card without attracting frauds and scammers. Continue reading →

Things That Should Be Considered While Checking Credit Report

checking credit report
ID fraud is a white collar crime that doesn’t pick its victims. One way to keep this terrible nuisance at bay is to perform regular credit checks. If you’re keen on preventing identity theft then checking your credit report regularly with the help of a credit protection service would be ideal. Continue reading →

Learning basic credit card fraud protection techniques

Prevent credit card fraud

Phishing attacks, skimmers, fake mails, dumpster divers, shoulder surfers or through petty thievery are only some of the ways you can be victimized by credit card fraud.

Whether the crime is committed online or using cards stolen from your wallet, credit card fraud can affect you in many ways. Continue reading →

How Identity Theft Works: Important Facts You Need to Know About Data Breach

Data Breach

It is understandable why a lot of people have become fans of technology nowadays. Technology did not only make a lot of things easier, it also made previously impossible things doable through the Internet – like shopping while sitting comfy in front of our computer screens. Continue reading →

What I Need to Know About Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Becoming educated consumers about the dangers of credit card fraud, how to fight it and how to take corrective actions are some of the basic protection tools everyone can have. Continue reading →

What You Should Do for Credit Protection

Credit Protection

Credit cards offer a lot of advantages nowadays. It helps people by providing them with another option during times of financial troubles. Because of this, a lot of people have already become dependent on credit card use. Continue reading →

Credit card fraud victim? Here’s what you should do

Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft that can victimize anyone. It can pose serious challenges on our financial and personal lives. Fortunately, there are ways to get protected.

Always remember that your liability for the fraudulent charges in your name is lessened once you report the problem to your credit card provider, credit-reporting companies and local authorities immediately. Continue reading →

How You Can Protect Your Email From Identity Thieves

email id theft

Keeping your identity safe is very much required especially when technology is constantly evolving. You are always connected to the rest of the world when you are online and identity thieves will take advantage of this.Your emails should be protected because they tend to be effective channels of fraud, such as phishing and spamming. Data breaches can happen if you’re not careful. Continue reading →

Effective Things To Adopt For Identity Theft Repair

Identity Theft Repair

In the world of identity theft, nothing is more valuable than another person’s information. Once this is acquired, a thief could do whatever he wants with the victim’s life and finances.

Financial identity theft can happen to anyone at any given time. This type of fraud eliminates all of a victim’s opportunities and assets when the thief gets away with the crime. Continue reading →