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Get credit report regularly and know how to check yours

Checking credit report

A credit report is a reflection of your personality and worthiness. It contains information about your identity, public records, existing credits and company inquiries. It’s usually obtained by creditors and lenders before you start doing business with them. Continue reading →

How Identity Theft Works: Important Facts You Need to Know About Data Breach

Data Breach

It is understandable why a lot of people have become fans of technology nowadays. Technology did not only make a lot of things easier, it also made previously impossible things doable through the Internet – like shopping while sitting comfy in front of our computer screens. Continue reading →

What I Need to Know About Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Becoming educated consumers about the dangers of credit card fraud, how to fight it and how to take corrective actions are some of the basic protection tools everyone can have. Continue reading →

What You Should Do for Credit Protection

Credit Protection

Credit cards offer a lot of advantages nowadays. It helps people by providing them with another option during times of financial troubles. Because of this, a lot of people have already become dependent on credit card use. Continue reading →

Credit card fraud victim? Here’s what you should do

Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft that can victimize anyone. It can pose serious challenges on our financial and personal lives. Fortunately, there are ways to get protected.

Always remember that your liability for the fraudulent charges in your name is lessened once you report the problem to your credit card provider, credit-reporting companies and local authorities immediately. Continue reading →

How You Can Fulfil Your Dreams with Credit Monitoring

check credit report

Stability for the future should be every responsible American’s goal. Consumers try their best to achieve their financial goals so that they may secure a good life by the time they retire.

To achieve your financial goals, you should manage your credit effectively. This can be done with the help of effective credit monitoring. Continue reading →

How credit monitoring alerts will restrain identity theft

credit monitoring

Unnoticed changes and even errors on your record can be a red flag that your identity is in danger. Identity theft can already be, or will soon be, happening to you, so having a defensive measure against such threats is vital to your identity protection. Continue reading →

How Credit Monitoring Can Help Prevent Id Theft on Your Next Vacation

Going on a vacation generally means that you’ll be using your credit card for most of your purchases. This high rate of credit card usage can put you at risk of credit card fraud and ID theft.

It is also often the case that people tend to loosen up and let down their guard when they go on vacation, meaning they are even more prone to falling victim to identity theft. Continue reading →

How to Know Whether Your Credit is in Good Condition or Not

Having credit can really be very exciting. It does not only allow us to buy the things we want without having to shell out cash, but it also helps us in times of emergencies. This excitement is also the same reason why a lot of people tend to overlook some of the precautions they should be taking as responsible cardholders. One of these precautions is checking credit scores. Considering the unpredictable and inconsistent tendencies of today’s economy, it becomes crucial for people to know what a good credit score range is, and the things that affect their overall credit standing.
Credit Scores
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How to Reduce lost Credit Card Dangers

When victims of credit card fraud are asked, they often report having lost a credit card. Credit card fraud goes hand in hand with id theft. Id theft and credit card fraud uses fraudulent sources of funds to purchase resource. It is fraudulent because the thief does not actually have the monetary funds. The thief is simply using a victim’s funds to pay for his unauthorized charges. The nature of this crime often leads to unexpected financial losses. These losses, no matter how small or big they are, often take time to resolve. Thus, it is very important to protect ourselves from this crime.
lost Credit Card
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