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Why is it so important to protect your privacy?

Privacy protection
Security and privacy of consumers are a major public concern across many countries. The rise in the cases of id theft is overwhelming and the damages done to victims are frustrating.

It is therefore important to increase awareness of consumers about protecting their privacy and ensuring the safety of their identity. Although this does not necessarily stop identity theft from occurring, it minimizes the risk to consumers.

The ways you can do to protect yourself don’t need to be technical in nature, because there are also easy and effective methods you can make use of.

Just by having a strong presence of mind, a lot of vigilance, and of course, responsibility, you can already save yourself from the problems of identity theft. Continue reading →

How to Report Fraud Following Identity Theft

Fraudulent transactions are the most common signs of identity theft. If you spot such a transaction on your financial records or monthly statements, it’s important to report it right away.

If you become a victim of identity theft, you must create an identity theft affidavit by filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission. You must then create a formal police report with the local authorities. The ID theft affidavit combined with your police report serve as your official identity theft report, which you’ll use to dispute the fraudulent charges on your accounts and any accounts illegally opened under your name.
Reporting Fraud
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How to Detect Fraud before You Become a Victim

Identity theft happens when someone steals your information, and when that information is to commit crimes, it is known as identity fraud (or simply fraud). Both identity theft and fraud can inflict severe damage to a consumer’s identity and credit reputation because an identity thief can use the victim’s identity to accumulate credit card balances, and the victim may end up needing to pay for the fraudulent purchases.

Luckily, there are several measures you can take to help you detect fraud. First, you need to be able to distinguish fake emails from real ones. If an email (perhaps claiming to be from your financial institution) asks for your password, credit card details, or account information, it’s very likely that the email is fake. You should also monitor your credit accounts regularly and check for suspicious transactions. Purchases you never made that are reflected on your monthly statement are red flags that your information has been compromised.
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What is identity theft insurance and how can you benefit from it?

We live in a society that doesn’t depend on cash anymore, and there’s no doubt that financial threats can hamper our ability to maintain a hard-earned good credit standing. Identity theft is one of the major problems that we face every day, and the consequences can be costly if we don’t take it seriously. There are different ID theft prevention techniques we can put into practice, but what if all of these fail?

Identity theft insurance is a good way to help cut your losses related to identity fraud and theft. Although it does not reimburse your actual losses in the event of theft, it can cover all the expenses related to credit and identity repair.
Identity Theft Insurance
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Phishing Scams: How it Works and How to Prevent It

A lot of people are surprised by the serious effects of identity theft/fraud on its victims. This is despite the fact that identity fraud is recognized as a prevalent information security issue today. The truth is that there are several forms of identity theft. Thieves have come up with different tactics on how to access and retrieve people’s information illegally. In the US alone, identity theft continues to victimize millions of consumers annually. The numbers can get worse if people will remain oblivious about the realities of identity theft. One of the most common forms of identity theft is phishing. Much like all the other forms of id theft, it targets unknowing consumers every day. Hence, what is phishing and how can it be prevented?
Phishing Scams
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How Someone Can Misuse Your Stolen Identity

Identity fraud is a fast-growing, lucrative white collar crime that strips us of everything that we have and everything that we deserve in the future. Your stolen identity is the major tool used by identity thieves to get what they want. They make use of various techniques in committing identity theft, including the highly technological online id theft. With all the creative means for this crime to take place, the effects of id theft remain the same—and all of these effects are very destructive. The next time you ask yourself, “What is identity theft?” you will always find the answer inevitably, hopefully not as an unassuming victim.
Stolen Identity
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Online Security 101: How to Deal with Data Breach

Much like in any other problem we encounter, it is always better when we can address the issue right before its worst repercussions affect us. However, in most cases, this becomes difficult, as we do not get to identity the signs of the issue right away. This applies to dealing with the risks of data breach or identity theft. Problems like this can be very difficult to detect, thus requiring a more vigilant and attentive approach. The thing is, in most cases, victims discover the act after their information has already been used for fraud. Considering this, experts suggest to address the issue of data breach with utmost vigilance and proper understanding of identity theft protection. Through this, consumers can actually protect themselves from the repercussions of data breach by addressing the issue right before matter gets out of control.
Data Breach
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The 3 Facts You Need to Know About Identity Theft

We always hear of the saying” knowledge is power”. In whatever problem or predicament we experience, this saying actually resonates with much relevance. Being aware of the issue you’re facing provides you a good foothold as you try to devise solutions to address it. When speaking about identity theft, the same principle applies. We always hear of identity theft cases in the media, and we are always bombarded with tips on how what to do when we experience as well as ways of how to prevent it. However, before we can even prevent it, we’d have to understand identity theft facts first and how it could affect us.
Identity Theft
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Know the secret tricks of id thieves & prevent yourself

Identity theft is a widespread crime against consumers, one that leads to loss of funds, damaged credit, and financial instability. This crime occurs when someone steals identifying information from you, such as your driver’s license, passport, Social Security card, green card, or similar document. This information can be stolen from you while going on with your daily activities, such as shopping at a grocery store with your wallet, paying your bills online, or throwing out your garbage. It is important to be aware of how id thieves can access your information, so that you can protect yourself from becoming a potential victim.
id thieves
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