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How Someone Can Misuse Your Stolen Identity

Identity fraud is a fast-growing, lucrative white collar crime that strips us of everything that we have and everything that we deserve in the future. Your stolen identity is the major tool used by identity thieves to get what they want. They make use of various techniques in committing identity theft, including the highly technological online id theft. With all the creative means for this crime to take place, the effects of id theft remain the same—and all of these effects are very destructive. The next time you ask yourself, “What is identity theft?” you will always find the answer inevitably, hopefully not as an unassuming victim.
Stolen Identity
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ID Theft Risks Associated with Online Social Networking

Social media has forever changed the way people connect and interact with each other. Today, people can easily connect with a friend or a long lost relative by signing up to any of these social networking sites. The world has indeed become a much smaller place. However, with the rise of social media platforms comes the risk of identity theft. People may think they are merely socializing online but they may actually be potential victims of ID theft already. How can they protect themselves?
ID Theft Risks

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