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What You Need to Know About Credit Protection


Having a credit card is more of a good thing than bad. It does not only allow us to buy the things we want even without cash, it also proves to be great help during emergencies.

However, it nonetheless poses great risks associated with information security. Today, it can be very difficult to transact using a credit card without attracting frauds and scammers. Continue reading →

Learning basic credit card fraud protection techniques

Prevent credit card fraud

Phishing attacks, skimmers, fake mails, dumpster divers, shoulder surfers or through petty thievery are only some of the ways you can be victimized by credit card fraud.

Whether the crime is committed online or using cards stolen from your wallet, credit card fraud can affect you in many ways. Continue reading →

Things to consider when carrying multiple credit cards


Given the economy we live in today, it’s almost necessary to have a credit card with us at all times.They come handy when we need to make huge purchases, such as when we go shopping online, pay for bills, or book trips.

However, carrying more than one card at a time is risky. Continue reading →

Celebrate Spring Break With These Credit Protection Tips

Cases of credit fraud and identity theft have risen dramatically over the years. And as it looks, frauds are becoming more resourceful on how to illegally access people’s credit information. The problem is, scammers do not consider exceptions on when to attack. They will generally attack when they get a good chance – say, when you’re out of town. Yes, some would really go sniffing after your personal information while you’re on a much-deserved vacation. While it is already difficult to deal with credit fraud on a regular day, it becomes more stressing to deal with these things when you’re away from home. What makes it worse is that it may already be too late once you realize your credit card information has been compromised. Hence, save yourself from all the worry during your spring break vacation. Prevent credit card fraud through these simple tips.
Credit Fraud
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Smart ways to take care of your credit card

Being a responsible credit card holder requires dedication. We should not think of it as “free” money, which we can use to overspend and satisfy our impulses. We must consider the dangers these practices can bring about, like inability to pay back on time or accumulating debts. There may be tempting, new offers from credit card companies, but before we get caught up, we should always consider our financial standing.

Taking care of our credit card is one key to achieving a good financial life and maintaining a clean credit track. Paying bills on time and using cards responsibly aren’t enough – we should learn to understand the entire credit card process to avoid possible problems.
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Online Security 101: How to Deal with Data Breach

Much like in any other problem we encounter, it is always better when we can address the issue right before its worst repercussions affect us. However, in most cases, this becomes difficult, as we do not get to identity the signs of the issue right away. This applies to dealing with the risks of data breach or identity theft. Problems like this can be very difficult to detect, thus requiring a more vigilant and attentive approach. The thing is, in most cases, victims discover the act after their information has already been used for fraud. Considering this, experts suggest to address the issue of data breach with utmost vigilance and proper understanding of identity theft protection. Through this, consumers can actually protect themselves from the repercussions of data breach by addressing the issue right before matter gets out of control.
Data Breach
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The Importance of Credit Monitoring

Daily credit monitoring is important because it helps prevent id theft and it also helps prevent credit card fraud. Consumers these days should always run a regular credit check to keep their accounts safe and secure. It’s definitely easier to manage your credit with the help of credit monitoring. There are companies that offer this service. They automatically check your credit and alert you via email if there are unauthorized or unlawful activities taking place in your account. Of course, you could enhance it even more by involving yourself in keeping an eye on your information and your credit as well.
Credit Monitoring
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The Ultimate Guide to Protect From Credit Card Fraud

Credit card use has become a necessity for most consumers. It’s a convenient way of paying for services, especially large purchases in replacement of cash. No wonder, identity thieves have mastered a lot of ways to perpetrate fraud and scam that consumers fear. It’s safe to assume that everyone can become a victim and that prevention should become a habit. Know how safety credit card practices should be incorporated into our everyday living to prevent possible damages caused by identity theft. Protecting personal belongings, keeping credit card details safe, caution when using the Internet and other safety credit card measures should be explained in detail to make sure every consumer knows about their importance.
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Some Easy Steps For Credit Card Protection

Know the importance of your credit card account information. Identity criminals don’t necessarily need your credit card to rob your account or misuse your identity. Credit card fraud is booming and thieves are becoming craftier with their fraud tricks. Social security number, driver’s license and passports can also be used to rack up your finances before you even realize it. These documents also provide a gateway for your account information to be exposed, so lock it up safely at home. Aside from guarding your mails or checking your monthly bills, make sure to use your credit cards wisely and avoid any suspiciousness around you.
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