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How Identity Theft Works: Important Facts You Need to Know About Data Breach

Data Breach

It is understandable why a lot of people have become fans of technology nowadays. Technology did not only make a lot of things easier, it also made previously impossible things doable through the Internet – like shopping while sitting comfy in front of our computer screens. Continue reading →

Online Security 101: How to Deal with Data Breach

Much like in any other problem we encounter, it is always better when we can address the issue right before its worst repercussions affect us. However, in most cases, this becomes difficult, as we do not get to identity the signs of the issue right away. This applies to dealing with the risks of data breach or identity theft. Problems like this can be very difficult to detect, thus requiring a more vigilant and attentive approach. The thing is, in most cases, victims discover the act after their information has already been used for fraud. Considering this, experts suggest to address the issue of data breach with utmost vigilance and proper understanding of identity theft protection. Through this, consumers can actually protect themselves from the repercussions of data breach by addressing the issue right before matter gets out of control.
Data Breach
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The 3 Facts You Need to Know About Identity Theft

We always hear of the saying” knowledge is power”. In whatever problem or predicament we experience, this saying actually resonates with much relevance. Being aware of the issue you’re facing provides you a good foothold as you try to devise solutions to address it. When speaking about identity theft, the same principle applies. We always hear of identity theft cases in the media, and we are always bombarded with tips on how what to do when we experience as well as ways of how to prevent it. However, before we can even prevent it, we’d have to understand identity theft facts first and how it could affect us.
Identity Theft
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The 5 Best Ways To Prevent Data Breaches

Utilization of information and technology continuously evolves, bringing more innovative changes to our day-to-day living. However, threats to valuable information – such as intentional leakage of classified or sensitive data – can also be compromised during such evolutionary process. Both companies and customers can suffer from the outcomes of security breaches, so it’s important to respond to the threat immediately before the damage gets out of control. Businesses must implement a data breach policy and prevention strategy that will increase awareness of all involved personnel within the work environment. They must also notify their clients once a data breach has occurred. Consumers, on the other hand, must take precautionary measures (such as credit report monitoring, constant review of monthly statements for unauthorized charges, and notification of involved companies) to minimize their risks of being fraud victims.
prevent data breach
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ID Theft Risks Associated with Online Social Networking

Social media has forever changed the way people connect and interact with each other. Today, people can easily connect with a friend or a long lost relative by signing up to any of these social networking sites. The world has indeed become a much smaller place. However, with the rise of social media platforms comes the risk of identity theft. People may think they are merely socializing online but they may actually be potential victims of ID theft already. How can they protect themselves?
ID Theft Risks

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