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What I Need to Know About Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Becoming educated consumers about the dangers of credit card fraud, how to fight it and how to take corrective actions are some of the basic protection tools everyone can have. Continue reading →

How to Report Fraud Following Identity Theft

Fraudulent transactions are the most common signs of identity theft. If you spot such a transaction on your financial records or monthly statements, it’s important to report it right away.

If you become a victim of identity theft, you must create an identity theft affidavit by filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission. You must then create a formal police report with the local authorities. The ID theft affidavit combined with your police report serve as your official identity theft report, which you’ll use to dispute the fraudulent charges on your accounts and any accounts illegally opened under your name.
Reporting Fraud
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How to avoid credit scams that may happen due to lost credit card

Since credit cards have become such necessities nowadays, it is safe to assume that people try to protect them as much as they can. Aside from being valuable items – since they actually enable you to pay for things as an alternative to cash, credit cards contain more than credit. They are a key to your identity. A stolen or lost credit card that falls in the hands of swindlers may affect your financial records badly. How can people protect themselves from credit card frauds once their cards have already been lost or stolen?
lost credit card

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