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Protecting your Entrepreneurial Interests from Business Identity Theft

Business Identity Theft

Identity theft is not a new occurrence. In fact, businessmen constitute a significant percentage of victimized population in the US alone.

What makes the situation more difficult for entrepreneurs is the fact that it does not just involve personal money, but millions of dollars’ worth of capital that operate an industry. Continue reading →

ID Theft Protection- How to Protect Your Kids

A social security number can be used for applying for benefits and open new credit accounts –common reasons why thieves usually target it. Adults usually know how to protect their SS number and other personal information, because the negative effects of id theft are difficult to deal with. However, children also have personal information to protect, and because of their clean record, thieves devise different ways to access this information. Parents should be very diligent when it comes to guarding the personal identity details of their children. They should watch out for signs of possible identity theft and must act immediately once they encounter it.
child id theft protection
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The 3 Facts You Need to Know About Identity Theft

We always hear of the saying” knowledge is power”. In whatever problem or predicament we experience, this saying actually resonates with much relevance. Being aware of the issue you’re facing provides you a good foothold as you try to devise solutions to address it. When speaking about identity theft, the same principle applies. We always hear of identity theft cases in the media, and we are always bombarded with tips on how what to do when we experience as well as ways of how to prevent it. However, before we can even prevent it, we’d have to understand identity theft facts first and how it could affect us.
Identity Theft
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What are the primary causes of Identity Theft

Identity theft can affect anyone, and as the Internet marketing and computer age continuously prosper, more consumers become victimized by this type of crime. It will be easier for consumers to defend against this horrifying crime if they know the main reasons behind this. Roaming thieves can steal their credit cards and use it to make overwhelming purchases. Others will try to hack online accounts and use this opportunity to ask financial assistance from relatives and friends. There are thieves that even use your identity for more serious criminal offenses. With these, consumers must keep their personal information and valuables secure at all costs.
Identity Theft
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