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How Annual Credit Report Monitoring Saves Your From Years’ Worth of Headache

credit card fraud

“Identity theft on the rise” is a constant headline nowadays. Seeing and reading about it everywhere only makes it clear how prevalent it has become and what a big issue it is today. Before, people were only concerned with managing their charging habits wisely and making sure they don’t go beyond their payment financial capacities to pay their debts. Continue reading →

What You Need to Know About Credit Protection


Having a credit card is more of a good thing than bad. It does not only allow us to buy the things we want even without cash, it also proves to be great help during emergencies.

However, it nonetheless poses great risks associated with information security. Today, it can be very difficult to transact using a credit card without attracting frauds and scammers. Continue reading →

What I Need to Know About Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Becoming educated consumers about the dangers of credit card fraud, how to fight it and how to take corrective actions are some of the basic protection tools everyone can have. Continue reading →

Credit card fraud victim? Here’s what you should do

Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft that can victimize anyone. It can pose serious challenges on our financial and personal lives. Fortunately, there are ways to get protected.

Always remember that your liability for the fraudulent charges in your name is lessened once you report the problem to your credit card provider, credit-reporting companies and local authorities immediately. Continue reading →

Things to consider when carrying multiple credit cards


Given the economy we live in today, it’s almost necessary to have a credit card with us at all times.They come handy when we need to make huge purchases, such as when we go shopping online, pay for bills, or book trips.

However, carrying more than one card at a time is risky. Continue reading →

What is Carding and how does it helps credit card thieves


Credit card fraud is a serious crime. The thieves who engage in this crime actually have organized methods. One of these methods includes carding, which occurs on a global level.

Carding is the use of your credit card information to make unauthorized purchases and obtain resources. Carding often occurs on a large-scale operation.

Several credit card account numbers from several numbers of people can be hacked in a single transaction.Carding can be carried out through computer hacking, phishing, cashing out stolen credit card information, and internet auction fraud. Continue reading →

What to Know About Affordable Credit Protection

It’s vital for consumers to have good credit. You can maintain your good credit through credit protection. When you monitor your credit, you will be able to prevent credit scams. Credit card fraud is an alarming crime that destroys financial credibility. Once your credit becomes bad, you will have a hard time with transactions. Loans and new credit will be extra difficult to get. Credit card protection can definitely help you keep your good credit. You don’t even have to pay a lot of money to get it. What credit protection companies could offer includes daily credit monitoring and early alerts. However, you could achieve more protection by performing most of the preventive measures on your own. This proves to be very affordable to do as well.
credit protection
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Celebrate Spring Break With These Credit Protection Tips

Cases of credit fraud and identity theft have risen dramatically over the years. And as it looks, frauds are becoming more resourceful on how to illegally access people’s credit information. The problem is, scammers do not consider exceptions on when to attack. They will generally attack when they get a good chance – say, when you’re out of town. Yes, some would really go sniffing after your personal information while you’re on a much-deserved vacation. While it is already difficult to deal with credit fraud on a regular day, it becomes more stressing to deal with these things when you’re away from home. What makes it worse is that it may already be too late once you realize your credit card information has been compromised. Hence, save yourself from all the worry during your spring break vacation. Prevent credit card fraud through these simple tips.
Credit Fraud
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How to Reduce lost Credit Card Dangers

When victims of credit card fraud are asked, they often report having lost a credit card. Credit card fraud goes hand in hand with id theft. Id theft and credit card fraud uses fraudulent sources of funds to purchase resource. It is fraudulent because the thief does not actually have the monetary funds. The thief is simply using a victim’s funds to pay for his unauthorized charges. The nature of this crime often leads to unexpected financial losses. These losses, no matter how small or big they are, often take time to resolve. Thus, it is very important to protect ourselves from this crime.
lost Credit Card
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Five Things to Look Out for in Credit Monitoring

The incidence rate of credit scams and identity theft is significantly higher today compared to previous years. Many experts are citing the cause of this as the advancements in information and communication technologies that allow easier information exchange over the Internet. While generally useful, these developments allow fraudsters to more easily access people’s personal information online. Considering the flaws in modern information security systems, a lot of people are at risk. Credit card information has become a popular target since people frequently disclose that information online when they shop or subscribe to other online services. Identity thieves are coming up with more advanced tactics by the day, so it is necessary to emphasize the importance of more efficient credit protection methods, such as regular credit checks or credit monitoring.
Monitoring Your Credit
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